5 Star Review on Realtor.com From Emily Kananen

Chris is great! I have actually worked with him on both sides–as a buyer and a seller. One of the best things about him is his responsiveness. Chris always answers in a very prompt and timely manner. I always had a million questions, and he always got back to me very quickly and never left me waiting or wondering about what was going on, which is great since buying or selling a home can be a stressful time! Additionally, his background and experience in the construction industry make him very knowledgeable about any repairs, etc. that may need done which is really helpful and a lot of realtors may not have that expertise. I was definitely happy that Chris knew what he was talking about! Chris is very open and easy to talk to. One of my worries was regarding selling a home and not living locally. Chris was very flexible and willing to help out in any way he could. I definitely recommend Chris to anyone–either buying or selling. He is a great realtor! To see this review on Realtor.com click here.

— Emily Kananen , Client