Zillow.com 5 Star Review From Marie Harlan

Chris was a complete stranger when we started and ended up a trusted friend. He assisted in all ways to get the property listed and sold. Chris went above and beyond what is probably normal to not only be helpful in fixing and solving problems that came up …. but with his builder’s expertise and experience he was able to help solve many of our small problems that needed to be addressed that a decent builder would know how to fix. We could be 100% ourself with Chris and speak up when we didn’t like something or ask questions and he was very respectful and we had zero problems. We worked together and got the house listed and sold within a week. Chris was very attentive to all our needs before the sale, during the sale and after the sale. He coached us along as needed and advised us by answering all our questions and letting us know how things worked and what to expect. Chris has a delightful sense of humor and a way of making you feel like you are the most important person in the world when you have his attention and he is talking with you. He is very good at what he does. We would use him again should we ever need another realtor and we highly recommend Chris to anyone looking for a realtor who brings his A game every day and is a treasure to be around and have on your team. We consider ourselves very fortunate that Chris was on our porch one day introducing himself to the neighborhood and we are proud to call him our friend. To see this review on Zillow.com click here.

— Marie Harlan , Client